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我的留学故事丨我是纳一姆 丨Story of JETHVA NAEEM YUNUSBHAI
2019-04-15 09:39   审核人:


I am JETHVA NAEEM YUNUSBHAIfrom INDIA, a student of 2013 Batch, and hereby very much Delighted that I am soon going to complete my graduation in M.B.B.S fromJIAMUSI UNIVERSITY. Being an international student my life in China remains very interesting. I would like to share some of my glimpse in china’s life and experience.

我是来自印度的JETHVA NAEEM YUNUSBHAI,就读于佳木斯大学2013级MBBS专业,即将愉快圆满地结束我的学业。作为一名留学生,我在中国的生活很有趣。我想分享一下在中国生活和经历的一些趣事。

Everyone has their own special decision in his or her life, and it changes people’s life. For me, to study in China or not, that was my dilemma. I decided to go to China to study MBBS by myself, and I never knew that it would change my life. With blessing of my Mother and father I left my country and started a new journey of my life.


When I arrived in china my first impression about China was that everything is completely different. Things like food, life style, people's behavior, weather are very much different from INDIAN Environment. From the very beginning I knew that I will gain a lot of new experience here. After my arrival, I soon realized that it wasn’t going to be an easy job. However, soon after settling down and starting my studies I started to adjust in the new environment and started to learn Chinese language.



I will never forget my initial days in JIAMUSI, I came with 15 students in Jiamusi & we were the first batch of 2013 MBBS. It was hard days for us without our parents, but with the support of our Responsible teacher and Seniors I learned how to be independent, responsible, and how to preserve myself from the all new upcoming challenges.



As life is full of surprises. There is a saying in Chinese that机不可失,时不再来jī bù kě shī, shí bú zài lái “OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS AT THE DOOR ONLY ONCE”.I got the opportunity from my responsible teacher ADA to be the Class representative and I thought it is a wonderful chance to prove myself and gain all new experiences as a representative of all my fellow classmates so I didn’t want to lose the opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands. On that moment my life changed. First of all, it was really hard to get used to in unfamiliar conditions and On the other hand it was so interesting to learn so many new things. Also I worked with INDIAN STUDENTS’ UNION and ITERNATIONAL STUDENTS’ COUNCIL as an EXECUTIVE MEMBER which was an amazing experience which I will cherish all my life.



JIAMUSI UNIVERSITY is really a nice place to gain knowledge for me. First of all, the staffs, who take care of foreign students are really helpful. My University conducts a lot activities in a year, so to learn many new things I participated in SPORTS, CULTURAL EVENTS, EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS AND MANY OTHER ACTIVITIES.



I also took part in different social programs like SPREADING AWARNESS FOR CLEANLINESS, MARATHONE FOR HEALTH AWARNESS and other activities like SCIENTIFIC INNOVATION COMPETITION OF JIAMUSI UNIVERSITY in guidance of ELLEN TEACHER in which I stood 2ndprize. I also appeared in a newspaper for my contribution for the above events and I was delighted to see my picture in a newspaper of a foreign country.



China is a unique country with a culture like no other, a deep history, delicious food, and cities that seem to grow more and more every day. Not only people are amazing in China but also the nature is beautiful. China has many beautiful places and there are a lot of spots that can take ones breathe away. I travelled many cities in china which will have a deep impact and lot of wonderful memories in my life.



China is famous for varieties of delicious food. One of my favorite dish was Huo Guo (hot pot) and barbeque. It is a dish with boiling soup on the table and we can order any variety of raw food like vegetable or meat and we can cook them in the boiling soup. There are many kinds soup but I like the spicy one and I also like the chicken hot pot which I never tasted in my country.



There are About Eight traditional festivals in China. According to my observation, the spring festival brings Chinese people from all around the world together hence signifying how important family is in the Chinese culture. Along with Chinese festival I also celebrate Indian festivals like EID & DIPAWALI with my friends in china which brings all people together.


The most unforgettable thing in China is the memory with my friends and teachers. I made friends from China and from different other countries as well, we were very different in cultures, traditions, and interests, but we became very good friends and I will always keep in touch with them. It is almost 6 years I am residing in china, with many good and bad experiences but whatever the situation my friends and teachers always stood by my side and guided me to the right path.


To sum up, I think the most important thing is with studies on one side and gaining experiences of a new world on the other side is one of the most beautiful thing in life.



Some people said “You are too young to leave your parents.” Or “It will be hard to survive, so you have to think about it carefully. There is a saying “SURVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST”. And in these many years I have survived with elegance and wellbeing.Istayed focused about my job as a medical student and really enjoyed my life in China. Of course I could not spend my time with my family, however, I learned about important things that not everyone learns in his or her life.


Independence, perseverance, dream, and adaptation in a different country without the support of my family-these are the things I learned in China, and I am sure these all experiences will have a good influence in the rest of my life. I am very thankful that I came up with some beautiful experiences in these 6 years of my college life along with my studies.


Thank You !

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